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Upholstering mid-century furniture is an art

Mid Century Sofa Upholster Los AngelesMid-century furniture such as: sofas, loveseats, and chairs we consider a skill art because upholstering old sofas, chairs or any furniture is often a self-taught craft, learning by experimenting as the time going. With this approach, the only instructions for reupholstering on a piece of mid-century furniture are developed by old techniques combined with modern developed high skills to perform the best results. The obvious dilemma is that you want to care your valuable furniture to preserve for many generations and keep it intact as years go on. You must rely on the cleverness of the person who will upholster your antique furniture and before you take the risk giving your valuable piece to a poor inexperienced unprofessional upholsterer with disastrous expensive costly errors, you have to talk with a professional certified upholsterer. When you consider giving someone your mid-century furniture you have to be very careful.

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AtoZ Upholstery has designed to take the guesswork out of the upholstery process. We recognize and use high quality techniques upholstering creatively your mid-century sofa. We incorporate a full range of basic upholstery techniques to give live like new your mid-century furniture. Think about the design features of your mid-century sofa or mid-century chair you have. Take some pictures and email us. We will give you an estimate prices at no cost immediately. We provide free pick-up and delivery for any mid-century couch around Los Angeles, California.

Fabrics for Mid-Century sofas and chairs

Fabrics for Mid-Century sofas and chairs

Mid-Century furniture requires special selected fabrics. At our upholstery shop we provide a variety fabrics imported from different countries. Selecting the fabric has a great impact on the final appearance, comfort, and durability of the mid-century furniture. Color and design obviously play a large part in the decision making, but it is also important to consider the fiber content, weave structure, and any surface treatment applied to the fabric.

Types of fabrics used for mid-century sofas, chairs, and loveseat

To upholster mid century furniture various fibers are used including natural and synthetic types. Some natural fibers come from a plant source, such as cotton, linen, or ramie. Others are animal products, such as wool or silk. Synthetic fibers include nylon, acrylic, polyester, and olefin. Rayon is a man-made fiber, produced from a plant source.

Special fibers used for antique restoration furniture

For any antique restoration furniture, each fiber has unique characteristics that make it desirable in some ways, though limiting its appeal in other ways. Often fibers are blended in a fabric to capitalize on the strengths of each, while minimizing their weaknesses. Rayon, for example, does not wear well but is often blended with fibers that are stronger because it accepts dye well and give the fabric luster to the antique furniture. Natural fibers are generally easier to work than synthetics. However, synthetics blended with natural fibers often produce a more stable fabric in your mid-century chair. Call AtoZ Upholstery at (213) 509-1516 or email us for more information about the fabric for your antique furniture restoration furniture.

At AtoZ Upholstery we have thousands fabrics samples ready for you. We care your old furniture.

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