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restaurant booth upholstered los angelesUpholstery for Restaurant, Hotels, Motels, Night Clubs, Hospitals and Clinics.

Do have a restarurant, hotel, motel, nightclub, hospital with old furnitures? AtoZ upholstery has the solution. Reupholstering all your furnitures is cheap and easy to take decisions to improve your business. The first step you can do is take some pictures of your project, send us an email with description of your project. We will go to your business to talk about it, we will give advice in design, fabric color, kind of vinyl, and so on. We have professional upholsterer for commercial upholstery.

Improving business is our favorite task to do every day in our warehouse. Get an estimate. We have low prices for you!. Improving business since AtoZ Upholstery was born.

wall upholstery

Wall Upholstery Service.

We do custom wall upholstery with luxury and refinement for any kind of business. Our goal in wall upholstery has always been to provide the perfect design professional and all clients with the best possible workmanship and reliable service. We have trained certified craftsmanship and dependable service are demanded and appreciated for many customers.

As specialists, our craftsmen are capable of producing any effect that design beautiful and professionals or their clients are inspired to create magic building wall upholstery.
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