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About Us

History of AtoZ Upholstery

With over twenty years’ experience in business, AtoZ Upholstery with a unique knowledge we guarantee everything we make with high quality and performance reputation we shall provide to all our satisfied customers many services in the area of upholstery. We have been offering our specialty in services for commercial projects which include: small business, offices, restaurants, doctors, architects, engineers and so on.

We believe of ourselves as rather unique upholstery. With deep and strong knowledge, prestige, pride, and integrity, we shall make the best work pleasant in your project as we make it. Starting with an in-office business or in-home estimate, feel confident our estimator will be able to go and provide you with advice information, prices, and catalogs on needed your project upholstery according to your online or phone request. As well as what you want, we shall recommend a certified professional upholsterer for your project.

Foundation of AtoZ Upholstery from the owner in the heart of Los Angeles

The founder of AtoZ Upholstery, Mr. Salvador Chevez who has operated Upholstery services since 1987 in Los Angeles, California. Salvador started upholstering business at a young age at 17 years old. Once he became well known while working in professional upholstery, he learned design in frames upholstery as well as a custom design couches. Since he was able to handle upholstery and wood refinishing, he decided to open business by himself in Los Angeles County in 1990.

After that, he has worked directly with fabrics companies in Europe and North America, and also with foam manufacturer’s providers. From that time he has handled with over 50 thousands customers in the area. His passion for wood refinishing gave him the strong knowledge how to upholster everything.

The craftsmanship skill combined with test-proven industrial machines the new in technology brought us continuous customers referrals from many customers from different cities in California . These brillant concepts were the principles on which AtoZ Upholstery was built in 1990.


By AtoZ Upholstery Team

Salvador Chevez — Certified upholsterer®

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